Krina Web®

Mobile Application

all smartphone apps

Yes, Krina Web® develops application for each mobile operating system, Android app, iPhone app, Blackberry app, Windows app, Bada app and Symbian app.

sync in native

Krina Web® uses native technology to build all smartphone applications. Native is the most advance technology available in the market for smartphone application. Application built using native is user friendly and gives premium look and feel.

html5 + css3

Krina Web® uses HTML5 + CSS3 technology to build mobile application to give same look and feel and same performance in different screen size of mobiles and tablets. This kind of application will adjust to full screen in different devices.

varified app

Krina Web® follows industry standard for coding and prepare three tier architecture for all the application which will be verified by each mobile operating system provider. For example, our all the Android applications are verified by Google play store, our iPhone applications are verified by Apple store and our all Windows applications are verified by Windows phone store.

secure java

Krina Web® uses Java technology to ensure data security and data integrity for all mobile applications. This will also take minimum time to load data to any mobile application.

full customized

Krina Web® has dedicated team for design, coding and server deployment and maintenance. So we always provide customized service to our customers according to their requirements.

raid techonolgy

Krina Web® uses mobile application server with RAID technology so if first server goes down it will redirect traffic to second server so customer will enjoy zero downtime service.